• Introduction

    Like most cartoonists of my time, I was completely self-taught. At 17, I saw my first work published in a Barcelona publication, thus beginning my career as an artist in the world of comics.
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  • Modesty Blaise

    In 1970, I was offered the opportunity to step in and continue a MODESTY story, as Jim Holdaway, its regular artist, had suffered an accident...
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  • AXA

    No doubt influenced by Modesty’s success, the idea of creating a ‘press-style’ cartoon strip became forefront in my thoughts. I had always been attracted to great themes and I carried out a study on the basis of a possible holocaust...
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  • Man of women

    In my long career, I have made thousands of drawings, most of them on request. Consequently, I could not always identify with ideas proposed by the publishers, as my vocation was figure drawing, specifically women. Luckily for me, some of these jobs allowed me the opportunity to acquire new knowledge about my favorite subject.
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  • Erotic illustrations

    Times have changed since my early days. Censorship was very strict on images which contained even a faint trace of eroticism.
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Size  - 30 X 42 cm
Price - 250 €


ROMANTIC nº 1, format 30 X 22, price 125 €



ROMANTIC nº 2, format 30 X 22, price 125 €



ROMANTIC nº 3, format 30 X 22, price 125 €


TARZAN - 30 X 42 cm. PRICE 250 €


After almost 30 years, I can offer my followers, this story of AXA, which remained unfinished. With two strips per page reproduction allows up detail. The book is complemented with synopses and author's comments on the above stories.

Limited edition of 100 copies. 120 pages, hardcover.

Price € 80, plus shipping. The first 20 numbers, be accompanied by an original sketch. Requests made ​​through: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AXA STRIPTEASE, format 30 X 42, PRICE 400 €.


VAMPIRELLA ( 4 ), format 31 X 21, PRICE 300 €





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